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These hilarious or hair-raising stories are some episodes which took place in the course of a long business life. They will take you from New-York to Naples, from Taiwan to Paris, from Germany to New Orleans. Tired or bored of travelling on business ? This will  give you the recepe for finding the fun side of business travel and to enjoy every moment of it.


A highly emotional story between a man and a woman which everything separates: family background, place of life, character and faith. Despite the abyss which separates them, they will marry three times in unbelievable circumstances. Unable to have children, they adopt two orphans in a war-torn country, defying death lingering at every street corner. A powerful, poignant life adventure, spread over three continents and eight countries, full of unexpected situations, love and suspense.

Mais d'òu etes vous

A riotous book of short stories which will take you to Alexandria, Egypt. Its inhabitants will share with you their humour, jesting, lust for life and their stoicism in the face of their daily difficulties. You will dance to funny street scenes, laugh in department stores, enjoy the bewitching perfumes of enchanting gardens and spice markets, live through villagers’ scenes and chat with taxi drivers or simple passers-by. You will discover this kind, hospitable and endearing people full of fun but also crafty and fatalistic whose perception of life is quite different from that of the average westerner.

chronique alex
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